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This web site is specifically designed for informational purposes and to become familiar with the various species of fish found within various areas of the province of Quebec.

All the information listed within this web site is material that I read through magazines, newspaper articles and information found across the world wide web.

If you feel that I have violated or infringed copyrights, please advise and I will remove from my web site.


My only and main reason for creating this web site is that I personally wanted to become more familiar and knowledgeable in all aspects of this sport and to be able to share this information within a single click to any visitor that accesses this web site.

How many times have we all witnessed anglers not knowing what they are doing, not knowing how to properly release a trophy fish just caught, and poluting our lakes and rivers, etc. ...

If this web site can provide enough information to a visitor and help that individual become more familiar so that the next time out, the individual is able to apply some of the material that was read, then I could say that I've done my part !


  • Please DO NOT throw tangled line lakes and rivers, some of the line may end being caught in one's motor and could end up seizing the engine.

  • Place all lunch, plastic and snack wrappers in one single plastic bag and throw away when on land - DO NOT THROW IN WATER.

  • If you see debris in the area you are fishing, please pick up and throw away on land.

  • DO NOT throw empty worm containers in the water. Throw away once on land.

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